Hybrid- cast glass finger installation

The work "Hybrid" consists of opaque black glass fingers and a data system of rub-on-letters. Through isolating a part of the body, it becomes a foreign object however recognizable. The finger focuses on the action of touching, pointing, and defining information and represents our tactile experience. The small objects have characteristics of actual fingers through, realistic size, fingerprints, and quality of skin. They are placed on the wall in a way where they are pointing or containing parts of the data, representing an act of touch and inquiry in the same way we learn about the world through touch. Through the interface of the objects with the numbers, letters, and symbols the work talks about how we categorize, focus, and analyze with the use of technology, data, and systems. The impermanency of the work stresses the changing of information through time and how our systems change with new information and new discoveries.

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