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Intersection: Work from the Sutherland Artist-in-Residence Series

"Blurring the Subject" lampworked orange bullseye glass, 2010

University of Louisville's Cressman Center

June 4 – July 10, 2010

Reception: Friday, June 4, 6 – 9 p.m.

The Sutherland Endowed Chair in Glass lecture series seeks to further the field of glass art by creating a link between the artist’s studio practice, U of L students, and the public. The Sutherland Series fosters innovation by providing professional artists with a working environment that is conducive to creativity and free of distractions. Students are provided the opportunity to work hands-on with professional artists in the creation of their work, while the community is invited to enjoy insight into the spectacle of the creative process. This exhibition will showcase the work of a number of former Sutherland Artists-in-Residence.

Former artists include- Kana Tanaka, Einar de la Torre, Jamex de la Torre, Daisuke Shintani, Atsuko Tajima, Densaburo Oku, Jon Clark, Therman Statom, Shane Fero, Nancy Callan, Jessica Julius, Erica Rosenfeld, Richard Jolley, John Miller, and Ed Hamilton.

TV Dinner- Urban Glass- 2009

Chicken Bubble
Soda Pop
Emma Salamon Mixed Veggies

TV Dinner- GAS Conference 2009 Corning

Recliner Bench
TV Tower

Apple Cobbler

Cocktail Party- Urban Glass

Buttermilk Fried Chicken cooked in hot glass bubble

Erica Rosenfeld Cooking Steak on hot glass
Skitch Manion ladling into Chandelier