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Robin Rice Essay

Robin Rice does a wonderful job interviewing and writing about each artist that becomes a fellow at Wheaton Arts, Creative Glass Center of America. Below is a link to the her essay about my work and time at Wheaton last summer. Hope you enjoy!
Above is Betty the Black Widow who inspired 
the installation below called "Tripod"



"3 Questions"- interview on Glass Quarterly Blog

Just posted last week is an interview that asks 3 questions dealing with my creative process, inspiration, and what I am working on. I hope you enjoy it.

To see the interview please click the link below


"Static" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

For the exhibition "Craft Spoken Here", curated by Elisabeth Agro, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art I have installed "Static". It is an installation made from thousands of black glass thread that has been flameworked and then gets connected to create one form. Each time this work gets installed it reacts to the space. I feel it is similar to drawing with a black pen on a white piece of paper.

The exhibition runs from May 5th, 2012 through August 12th, 2012. 

To see time-lapse video of the piece being installed click here.

From the PMA website
Crafts were prominent among the first works of art to enter the collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art when it was founded in 1876, and the Museum has continued to collect and exhibit crafts. Today, thanks in large part to the Women’s Committee and gifts from individuals, the Museum is particularly well-known for its holdings of twentieth-and twenty-first-century American, European, and Asian craft.
With Craft Spoken Here, the Museum seizes the opportunity to experiment with its collection and to understand craft in an international context. Some forty contemporary works from 1960 to the present in ceramic, glass, metal, wood, lacquer, paper, and fiber—some by living, acclaimed artists and others by lesser-known creators—are on view. Representing the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe, the works highlight formal qualities that cross cultures, time, and media.
Craft Spoken Here features an array of engaging education programs and interpretive materials, including on-site artist demonstrations and hands-on craftmaking activities for the public.

"Passing the Torch"

Exhibition Passing the Torch at Wheaton Arts in the Gallery of Fine Craft 3/12 - 5/12.

I was asked to be a part of an exhibition on Contemporary Flameworking by Paul Stankard. It was a honor to chosen by someone with such history in the American Studio Glass Movement. Thank you Paul!

"Fraction", Flameworked bullseye glass 

Teaching at Corning

Teaching at Corning Museum of Glass- winter session
Erica Rosenfeld and I are co-teaching a course at the museum 
January 16-21, 2012

Course name - "If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen"

Chrysler Museum

The Burnt Asphalt Family performs at the Chrysler Museum in November 2011.

To see the video click here.


Wheaton Fellowship- summer 2011 some picts

I pulled miles of black cane for flameworking from the black tank of glass we had.
This is a drawing experiment that involves lots of gluing.

Springs made in the Hot Shop.

I feel so lucky to be able to have finished my second CGCA fellowship at Wheaton arts this past summer from May to July 2011. I was one of four artist during this 3 month period- Erica Rosenfeld, Brett Swenson, and Sara Pitt. During this time I was able to experiment, make components for my work, and finish an installation. Above are some picts of works in progress and the 4 of us. To see a lot more wheaton fellowship picts you can go to my facebook page.

Food Column interview by Rebecca Sodergren for the Post-gazette

Food column interview link

I love that this is an interview in the food section and not the art section.

"Food Lab" Pittsburgh Glass Center- July 23rd 2011

The Burnt Asphalt Family presents "Food Lab" at the Pittsburgh Glass Center on July 23rd 2011 to help celebrate PGC's 10th anniversary. To see more pictures click this link

Glass in All Senses, Brattleboro Museum and Art Center

"The artist in Glass in All Senses investigate the ways in which glass can enhance or alter our perceptions. As the exhibition's title suggests, the focus is not just on visual perception, but on all of the other senses as well- sound, touch, taste, and smell."

This exhibition showed video from The Burnt Asphalt Family performance. Click the link below to see more info.
Show Dates: July 15th- October 23rd 2011

Vision: Creative Glass Center Biennal, Gallery of Fine Craft, NJ

Show dates- May 21st- July 4th, 2011
Opening June 10th, 3-5, during Glass Weekend at Wheaton Arts


Philadelphia women Working in Glass Exhibition

Thursday, January 13- February 11, 2011
Location: Lawrence Gallery, Rosemont College
Curated by Lucartha kohler

“Philadelphia Women Working in Glass,” will feature works from Anna Boothe, Amber Cowan, George-ann Greth, Jessica Jane Julius, Lucartha Kohler (curator), Paula Mandel, Emma Salamon, Gabrielle Miles Silverlight, and Celeste Starita.

To read more about the exhibition go to this link- Exhibition


Join me for-POST: Philadelphia Open Studio Tour

VISIT MY STUDIO on OCTOBER 9-10 -(Saturday and Sunday)
open from noon-6pm

1441 South 8th street, 1st floor, philadelphia pa
Come see new work and work in progress.

Join me for the largest annual tour of visual artists in the region and the only event of its kind in the city. Studio tours east of broad street are free, open to the public, self-guided, and run from noon-6pm.

Featuring live music from Little Brown Chair.


Work from "Blurring the Subject" Series

This is new work in the series called "Blurring the Subject".
It is lampworked orange bullseye glass.


The Labor of Craft

This is the beginning of a new series of work, titled "The Labor of Craft"


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Intersection: Work from the Sutherland Artist-in-Residence Series

"Blurring the Subject" lampworked orange bullseye glass, 2010

University of Louisville's Cressman Center

June 4 – July 10, 2010

Reception: Friday, June 4, 6 – 9 p.m.

The Sutherland Endowed Chair in Glass lecture series seeks to further the field of glass art by creating a link between the artist’s studio practice, U of L students, and the public. The Sutherland Series fosters innovation by providing professional artists with a working environment that is conducive to creativity and free of distractions. Students are provided the opportunity to work hands-on with professional artists in the creation of their work, while the community is invited to enjoy insight into the spectacle of the creative process. This exhibition will showcase the work of a number of former Sutherland Artists-in-Residence.

Former artists include- Kana Tanaka, Einar de la Torre, Jamex de la Torre, Daisuke Shintani, Atsuko Tajima, Densaburo Oku, Jon Clark, Therman Statom, Shane Fero, Nancy Callan, Jessica Julius, Erica Rosenfeld, Richard Jolley, John Miller, and Ed Hamilton.

TV Dinner- Urban Glass- 2009

Chicken Bubble
Soda Pop
Emma Salamon Mixed Veggies

TV Dinner- GAS Conference 2009 Corning

Recliner Bench
TV Tower

Apple Cobbler

Cocktail Party- Urban Glass

Buttermilk Fried Chicken cooked in hot glass bubble

Erica Rosenfeld Cooking Steak on hot glass
Skitch Manion ladling into Chandelier


Rose Lehrman Arts Center

"Tactile 13" Cast and silvered glass

Contemporary Glass
Angus Powers, Jessica Julius & Ché Rhodes
through April 8, 2009

Reception: Thursday, April 2, 5:30-7 pm

Crossing Lines- DCCA

"Boundaries" Photogram of artist saliva

Crossing Lines: 2009 Members’ Juried Exhibition
February 27 – May 24, 2009
Guest Juror: Darsie Alexander
Chief Curator, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Carole Bieber & Marc Ham Gallery
at Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts


New Scribble Piece

This is the beginning of new scribble pieces, I am fusing some of the scribble flat in an attempt to control part of the chaos. This is just the first piece, many more to come.


The Burnt Asphalt Family- Mission Statement by Jessica Jane Julius

Statement: The Burnt Asphalt Family

By nature and necessity, traditional glassblowing is a fairly egoless endeavor. It is a collaborative process in which the creators identities are subsumed by the communal sweat and effort required to make a single object. Our concern is not in creating objects or destroying them but in demonstrating various properties and capabilities of glass through teamwork. We do not disregard traditional glassblowing but use it’s techniques to create forms to cook food, for example the hot glass dome that was placed over the turkey in “Turkey Dinner” aided in containing heat around the turkey in order to cook it. We use glass to function as cooking elements, referencing the ritual of eating a meal. However the creation of the work happens in a moment of interaction with our audience.

Our inspiration comes from American Society in the 1950s, which was much stricter and very structured. Society Rules were important not to be broken, there were no shades of gray, everything was black and white. Men did the lawn, took out the trash, fixed things, drove the car on family outings, and supported the family and women stayed at home to cook, clean, and take care of the family. In advertisements, TV shows and movies, the housewife is pictured perfectly well groomed as she is vacuuming, dusting, and cooking. The Betty Crocker cookbook and anything BBQ’D was the trend of the food in the 50’s, were the family meal times were an important part of bringing everyone together. It was an era of trying to keep up appearances of the perfect family. In response to that family ideal, we create the appearance of a well-orchestrated performance that investigates gender roles, family characters, and glass making while using the hot shop as our stage. Our goal is to create something temporary and ephemeral in nature that exist only by being recorded, similar to a moment in everyday life. The props and décor of the space add to the theatrical nature of the performance, which expands on the already exciting and mesmerizing nature of glass. Our audience are people both familiar and non-familiar with the medium and through the ritual of cooking, serving, and eating are brought together. This performance is a merge between a glass demo, a play, and an actual family dinner, meal, or event shared with the audience.

“The Burnt Asphalt Family” began as a collaboration at The Creative Glass Center of America between a group of all woman fellows, Jessica Jane Julius, Erica Rosenfeld, Maret Sarapu, Sara Gilbert and two other artists Sam Geer, and Skitch Manion. Art making normally has a strong sense of individualism but in glassblowing you normally rely on at least one partner if not more. Collaborating gives us access to greater resources of materials, experience, knowledge, and skill. CGCA created an environment that was conducive to collaborating through supporting the discovery of our new vision with the resources and opportunity to focus on its development. The first performance was “Turkey Dinner”, performed at Wheaton Arts, summer 2007. After Wheaton, the performances served to reunite us and to bring new people into our family. It has been a way for us to stay connected and creative in ways outside of our normal lives as artists while still sharing a love of glass. The second performance was an evolved “Turkey Dinner” which was performed at Urban Glass in Brooklyn NY in November of 2007. Some family members such as Maret, who resides in Estonia, were not able to participate while new members joined our family, such as Emma Salamon, Dena Pengas, Deborah Czersko, Adam Holtzinger, and Leo Tecosky. The third performance was the “Garden BBQ” at Urban in May 2008. This time members again were added while others could not participate. It is an evolving group of artists all interested in exploring new ways of working with glass. We are now planning for the next performance in 2009 at GAS conference in Corning NY, “TV Dinner.”

by Jessica Jane Julius


The Torpedo Space

Entering the space, to the left we built walls so we can have three individual spaces and two shared spaces.
My messy space, trying to get it organized and get everything in there. It is a long hard process for me and my organizational skills.
The future coldshop and wood shop with the bathroom to the right.
Emma's space and our future gallery space.
The lovely green door in the back with a small "man door" in it.

Here are some picts from my new studio space in south philly, on 8th and Tasker, shared with two other artists. It used to be a door factory and then was bought and made into studio's and living spaces. This is still the beginning, we plan to have a small gallery space, a small coldshop, and small woodshop. I will keep updating new picts as it moves along.