Wheaton Fellowship- summer 2011 some picts

I pulled miles of black cane for flameworking from the black tank of glass we had.
This is a drawing experiment that involves lots of gluing.

Springs made in the Hot Shop.

I feel so lucky to be able to have finished my second CGCA fellowship at Wheaton arts this past summer from May to July 2011. I was one of four artist during this 3 month period- Erica Rosenfeld, Brett Swenson, and Sara Pitt. During this time I was able to experiment, make components for my work, and finish an installation. Above are some picts of works in progress and the 4 of us. To see a lot more wheaton fellowship picts you can go to my facebook page.

Food Column interview by Rebecca Sodergren for the Post-gazette

Food column interview link

I love that this is an interview in the food section and not the art section.

"Food Lab" Pittsburgh Glass Center- July 23rd 2011

The Burnt Asphalt Family presents "Food Lab" at the Pittsburgh Glass Center on July 23rd 2011 to help celebrate PGC's 10th anniversary. To see more pictures click this link

Glass in All Senses, Brattleboro Museum and Art Center

"The artist in Glass in All Senses investigate the ways in which glass can enhance or alter our perceptions. As the exhibition's title suggests, the focus is not just on visual perception, but on all of the other senses as well- sound, touch, taste, and smell."

This exhibition showed video from The Burnt Asphalt Family performance. Click the link below to see more info.
Show Dates: July 15th- October 23rd 2011

Vision: Creative Glass Center Biennal, Gallery of Fine Craft, NJ

Show dates- May 21st- July 4th, 2011
Opening June 10th, 3-5, during Glass Weekend at Wheaton Arts


Philadelphia women Working in Glass Exhibition

Thursday, January 13- February 11, 2011
Location: Lawrence Gallery, Rosemont College
Curated by Lucartha kohler

“Philadelphia Women Working in Glass,” will feature works from Anna Boothe, Amber Cowan, George-ann Greth, Jessica Jane Julius, Lucartha Kohler (curator), Paula Mandel, Emma Salamon, Gabrielle Miles Silverlight, and Celeste Starita.

To read more about the exhibition go to this link- Exhibition