Saliva Prints- "Spit Photograms"

The "Spit Print" series contains information that exists from human saliva however through enlargement have removed the physicality and cultural connotations of the saliva. The viscous quality of the images can resemble qualities of glass or other fluid materials. The rings of the bubbles look somewhat like a topographical map of a moon surface giving a sense of micro and macro. This metamorphosis of discarded bodily fluid, something socially found to be disgusting, becomes beautiful and unknown.

Process-  I project and focus light through my saliva onto light sensitive paper and develop it as you would normally with black and white photography. These prints are all at least 36 inches wide. 

"Products which cross such boundaries thereby become products of great cultural attention. What is both inside and outside the body (feces, spittle, urine, menstrual blood, etc...) tends to become taboo because of its ambiguous and anomalous status." -Susan Stewart's, "On Longing" 


madelyne said...


I would love to get in touch with you. The site looks great! This spit photogram and the 52" teeth are my favorites. I found the blog by googling you. The studio/gallery is awesome! I will have to send you some pics of my work to try show there when you are all finished.


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It is like being watching a micro universe, similar to what we see on a microscope when looking for any kind of cells, awesome pictures.

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